PARSE – Platform for Artistic Research Sweden

PARSE is an international art and research publishing and conferencing initiative based at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Combining a biennial research conference and a twice-annually published peer-review research journal, PARSE provides a forum for dialogue between artistic researchers and researchers from other domains and disciplines. PARSE seeks to promote an innovative multidisciplinary research culture in the arts (understood as including music, performing arts, art, design, architecture, literature, film and media.) In creating dialogues and exploring collaborations between researchers in the arts and in other disciplines, PARSE respects the need for the integrity, freedom and specificity of artistic practices.

The name PARSE has been adopted as indicative of a movement back and forth between analysis and creation, between meaning making and the analytics of meaning, between construction and re-construction. PARSE is about bridging a gap, strengthening the field of artistic research by meeting its needs for new forms of peer review, publication and conferencing. PARSE addresses a broad range of academics, artists and art audiences who are curious about the intersection of art and research, and the contribution of the arts to knowledge-making.

Photo courtesy of Robert Dick.
PARSE Dialogue on Extended Techniques

In connection with world-renowned flutist and composer Robert Dick’s residency and master class at Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, PARSE will host a research dialogue providing perspectives on extended techniques in music practice. Janury 26th, Gothenburg.

Photo: István Virág and Ernie Buts.
Issue no 7 Speculation

Could ‘speculation’ in artistic practices be regarded as revitalising and redefining what risk and wealth can mean, what agency can be? Could speculation be related to the creation of possibilities, rather than to the abstract logic of probabilities?