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Journal Issue #3 Repetitions and Reneges

Table of contents

Darla Crispin, Anders Hultqvist, Cecilia Lagerström

The Iterative Turn
Kaja Marczewska

Collaterality and Art
Janez Janša

Repeat, Revisit, Recreate—Two Times Year of the Horse
Annette Arlander

Echo Chamber
David Blamey

Feminine Destruction and Masculine Protagonism: Notes on Gender, Iterability, and the Canon
Kristina Hagström-Ståhl

Relocations: The Idiot as a Figure of Miscommunication
Barbara Neves Alves

Over and Over and Over…: Performing Scripted Music
Bruce Brubaker

Two Churches and a Hat: The National Bucharest Theatre or the Mythology of Post-War Romanian Architecture
Ioana Cristina Popovici

Artistic Research: A Performative Paradigm?
Barbara Bolt