Journal Issue #4 Times

Table of contents

Dave Beech, Ingrid Elam, Anders Hultqvist and Andrea Phillips

What Is the Time?
Bruno Latour

Simon Critchley

Who Does the Earth Think It Is?
Lecture Performance by The Otolith Group
Anjalika Sagar (Otolith Group) with Joel Sines

Shuffling Times
Valérie Pihet and Benedikte Zitouni

Flat Time House—Curating the Time-Base
John Hill and Claire Louise Staunton

Deep Decay: Into Diachronic Polychromatic Material Fictions
Andy Weir

Translating 51 Days: These Texts are not Memories
A conversation between Somaya El-Sousi, Hanna Hallgren and Jenny Tunedal

Towards a Purposeful Accident: Elements of Performance Art via The Ting: The Theatre of Mistakes
Jason E. Bowman with Anthony Howell

Gerhard Eckel

The Conflict of Urban Synchronicity and its Heterotemporalities: Asynchronous Citizenship
Atxu Amann y Alcocer and Rodrigo Delso Gutiérrez

Nongkrong and Non-Productive Time in Yogyakarta’s Contemporary Arts
Sonja Dahl

Never Really in Real Time
Edgar Schmitz, Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans

Eight Avatars of Time: An Affective-Temporal Taxonomy of the Epistemology of Time beyond Chronology
Marc Boumeester