New World Embassy: Rojava in Oslo City Hall.

Journal Issue #7 Speculation

New World Embassy: Rojava in Oslo City Hall.

This issue of PARSE addresses art and design practices under a condition in which financial speculation and populist political visions sit uncomfortably with modes of critical action in probing alternative futures.

Speculation has been suspect for its correlation with the logic of financial markets and dynamics of capital within which arts and design practices em- bedded. But speculation is also a characteristic of utopian thinking and revolutionary prefigurement.

Could ‘speculation’ in artistic practices be regarded as revitalising and redefining what risk and wealth can mean, what agency can be? Could speculation be related to the creation of possibilities, rather than to the abstract logic of probabilities?

Table of contents


Dave Beech, Anders Hultqvist, Valérie Pihet

The Insistence of Possibles: Towards a Speculative Pragmatism

Didier Debaise and Isabelle Stengers

What is Speculation?

Costas Lapavitsas interviewed by Dave Beech

The Speculative Art of Assemblism

Jonas Staal

The Investigators

Krzysztof Wodiczko

What Is Speculative Music Composition?

Ming Tsao

Speculative Narration: A Conversation with Didier Debaise, Katrin Solhdju and Fabrizio Terranova

Valérie Pihet