Medium Earth

by The Otolith Group

Part prequel and part premonition, Medium Earth is a work caught within its own imminent future and represents the outgrowth of research undertaken throughout California over 2012/13. It listens to its deserts, translates the writing of its stones, and deciphers the calligraphies of its expansion cracks. The accumulation of moving images and sounds that make up Medium Earth comprise an audiovisual essay on the millennial time of geology and the infrastructural unconscious of Southern California. Focused on the ways in which tectonic forces express themselves in boulder outcrops and the hairline fractures of cast concrete, Medium Earth participates in the cultures of prophecy and forecasting that mediate the experience of seismic upheaval. The desire to evoke the hidden substrata of the planet gives way to a morphological interpretation of the face of the earth. As an experiment in channeling the system of fault lines buried below California, Medium Earth animates the stresses and strains of physical geographies undergoing continental pressures.

The screening of Medium Earth (2013) (41mins, HD Video, Colour Sound) will be followed by; Lecture performance: The Earthquake Sensitive as Planetary Subject with image backdrop of slides from Who Does The Earth Think It Is (2014) Speakers Anjalika Sagar and Joel Sines



Anjalika Sagar is one of the members of the collaborative platform The Otolith Group along with Kodwo Eshun, which was founded in 2002. The Group sets out to rethink the dynamics of cultural production underconditions of accelerated, unstable and precarious global conditions.
This endeavor finds eclectic forms such as films, art works, exhibitions, curated programs, and publications that are conceived as ongoing research into the structures of global regimes, speculative futures, tricontinentalism, and cybernetics. Their work in particular has focused on audiovisual essays as an expanded form that seek to inhabit events and histories that inform our present and future, geology and collective unconscious.

Joel Sines has trained at Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo, in Porto, Portugal, as an actor and theater director. He has lead an intense artistic practice in the realm of theatre,cinema and performance art both through research and craft both in Portugal and England. He has colaborated with renowned visual artists and directors such as Angela Ferreira, Joao Sousa Cardoso, Giorgio Sadotti, Claudio da Silva and Bruno Schiappa.
Joel is the co-founder of the performance collective group Ma Companhia ( Bad Company) based in Porto. He recently moved to London, where he was admitted as an associate in the Open School East Associates Programme of the next year.