On the heater?

by Suzanne Caines

My performance exists as a reading of a transcription from a Research Symposium, held 4-6 March 2013 at 
Goldsmiths, New Cross, London. The symposium existed as a 72 hour video brought together by the reading group called ‘Escapologies’. I was hired to transcribe 7.5 hours of recorded material from the 72 hour event. This paper will consist of 
reading the transcribed material in which I was paid 375 pounds to transcribe. This transcription consists of 27,683 words and 24 hours of labor time in which the transcription took. This project questions artistic labor and how it is valued in the context of neo-liberalism. When read and performed in the space of this conference what will happen to this material’s temporality? This material was complicated therefore it had several voices speaking simultaneously and cannot be transcribed in a traditional manner. This transcription was produced a multi-layered piece of text.


Suzanne Caines is a London-­based Canadian artist who works with text, media in the public sphere. Her current work seeks to dissolve the barrier between practice and theory. While in London, Suzanne Caines has participated in major exhibitions, residencies and workshops at international venues including Tate Modern, Chisenhale Studios, Goldsmiths, The Nunnery Gallery, X Marks the Bokship, London, FreieUniversität Berlin, The Projection Gallery, Liverpool, Transmediale 2006, Berlin and Vertex List Gallery in New York. Addressing the need for continued professional development for young and emerging artists, Caines has led socially inclusive courses at NSCAD and Goldsmiths.