by Kajsa G. Eriksson and Fredric Gunve

– the never ending evolution of natureculture

It is raining!

RAIN is a future environmental disaster, and a mythic story about adaptation in the never ending evolution of natureculture. Through performances, workshops, readings and an artist book with five chapters and 44 printed cards, this never ending rain continues to fall, and through the falling the conditions for all activities are shaped, changed and transformed. This performative rain is intra-acting with the everyday lives of all life. RAIN is a performative presence during a period of two months in an area of Dalsland, Sweden.

The rain falling in RAIN is not a moral natural rain, but rather a rain with agency imposing on every little detail of an everyday life. In RAIN the nature/culture binary is questioned and through performativity rain becomes that which evolves and transforms humans, environments, social relations and whole situations. In RAIN sustainability is embedded and embodied as a survival tactic. RAIN is acting on an invented set of structures and causalities and through that assure us, as artists and educators, that change and transformation is possible. This transformation and invention is part of a “deep time” and Elizabeth Grosz adds “Time, as simultaneously virtual and actual, past and present, will continue in precisely its own way, even without the presence of the human.” The rain will keep on falling with or without us humans.

RAIN will be exhibited at Gallery BOX, between 16 October – 15 November 2015 http://galleribox.se. There through the chapters: WATER, THE FAMILY, THE VILLAGE, THE UNIVERSITY and MEMORY CARD material results, discussions, seminars and other forms of documentation will be introduced and exhibited.

Art Work:


CARD no: 36

Following the outside of the house and along the water gates and into the jungle hallway lays a long wooden log decorated with different metals. It is a fifteen meter long art piece, an aesthetical and educational narrative about an ongoing now and a past now lost. The wood is slowly drying and rotting, moist is processing one end and the drying the other. The metal parts are oxidizing and moves as the wood slowly twist, turn and rot. A grey brown wood color meets the black treated iron while other parts are allowed to corrode and fall apart. Along the damp and damaged log, iron and copper in different color shades from red to green are flowing. The section of the log which is partly outside and partly inside are decorated with different green moss and fungus which are growing frantically. The mummification and moldering are colliding in a material paradox of preservation and progress which are chafing and tearing. This is the big question for the university. To protect, isolate or evolve?

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Kajsa G. Eriksson Ph.D. in design, artist and researcher Kajsa G. Eriksson at Vague Research Studios and Senior Lecturer in Visual Art at the Teacher Training Program at HDK – School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University is an artist, design researcher and senior lecturer at the Art Teacher Training Program at the University of Gothenburg and specializes in performativity and interventions in public space. She have a MFA in Fine Art (2000) from Valand Academy. She holds a Ph.D. in design from the same University with the dissertation “Concrete Fashion: Dress, Art, and Engagement in Public Space” (2010). Her Ph.D. presents three performances where she through elaborate dress and the practice of walking explores public space. She currently runs and also founded Vague Research Studios in collaboration with Ph.D. Lena T H Berglin in 2013 (www.vrstudios.se). Vague Research Studios is an independent artistic research studio exploring vagueness through material, vague technology and performative interventions. Their work is socially engaged and emerges out of everyday life where collective methods, open processes and trans-disciplinary approaches are used [in]between the fields of visual art, design, and material technologies.

Fredric Gunve is an artist, educator and senior lecturer at the Art Teacher Training Programme at the University of Gothenburg. He have a MFA in Fine Art (2003) from Valand Academy. He merge and dissolves the boundary between teaching and performance art and incorporate not only the everyday but also the phantasmagoric and mythical side of life. He have taken part in several exhibitions, written articles and exhibitions texts, create workshops, performances and use curating in different forms as part of his art and educational practice. In collaboration with PhD Elisabeth Belgrano he initiated and runs the trans-disciplinary cross faculty group Pǝ‘fɔ:m(ǝ)ns Performance/Performativity. Fredric is currently developing the digital distribution channel: http://chronicle-quest.education that harbor and give a frame to yet not named and completely formulated education/art forms. An important perspective is how to approach teaching, education/art, as performance and performative activity.