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ccap is an independent site for production of choreography directed by Cristina Caprioli, based in Stockholm Sweden. ccap produces stage performances, installations, films, publications, workshops, seminars and cross-disciplinary projects such as the recent WEAVING POLITICS symposium and current project CHOREO_DRIFT/CRIP. ccap is funded by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and the City Council of Stockholm.

www.ccap.se and www.VIMEO.com/ccap

Performative reading from the production:

Here, here and here here and here, here here here and here, here.

Two females in a doubly tight co-choreography, articulate the in-between-ness between body and speech with their body and speech.

Text, voice and gestures spider-twining beyond ordinary and unknown places.

Writing, outspoken by dis-dialogue.

Each reading speaks itself into visited place. So that writing (choreo_graphy) may morph it into a circumstance of reciprocity.

Audiences may themselves choose their manner of participation.

Performers Anja Arnquist Madeleine Lindh

Choreography Anja Arnquist Cristina Caprioli Madeleine Lindh

Cristina Caprioli

Raised in Italy, dancing in Germany and the United States, since the mid 80s resident of Stockholm, Sweden, where 1998 she founded the production company ccap still base of her collective practice. Over the years she has produced over 30 works, several films, two festivals, one symposium, one trans-medial exhibition, published an Anthology, run several research projects, toured nationally and internationally, choreographed for institutions and extensively taught.

After more than two decades of continuous innovative work, Caprioli has gained the indisputable position as one of Sweden’s foremost choreographers. Her work is marked by its clarity, stringency, precision, and by its complexity of thought and cerebral physicality. All work is media-specific and trans-medial – thus challenges normative formats and economies. Every work targets, and exposes a specific interest and therefore demands, but also generates specific attention and engaged participation. Cristina is Professor of Choreography (2008 – 2013 at DOCH) and has received a number of grants and prices.