by Members of the Research Consortium ESTAR(SER)

The artists-collective and research-consortium known as ESTAR(SER) is an international community of scholar/researchers working to sift evidences of “practices of attention” (often to works of art) in the historical record, and to present those evidences to critical readers—while offering occasions for willing participants to experiment with many of these lost or marginal techniques of “practical aesthesis.”

An ESTAR(SER) working group has recently uncovered new evidence of an interesting cohort of eccentric individuals engaged in such attentive practices in Los Angeles in the mid twentieth century—hyper-durational practices of that involved experimentation with radical techniques of “extreme” or “psychotic” seeing and close control of the eyes themselves.

At the 2015 PARSE Symposium, members of ESTAR(SER) will offer a performance lecture and experimental “attentional exercise” to introduce participants to this lost history and to these radical, time-intensive practices for engaging with works of art.


D. Graham Burnett is a New York-based interdisciplinary maker who works at the nexus of historical inquiry and artistic practice. He is interested in experimental/experiential approaches to textual material, pedagogical modes, and hermeneutic activities traditionally associated with the research humanities. Burnett trained in History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University (PhD 1997/2001) and teaches at Princeton. He is an editor at Cabinet magazine. For more: www.dgrahamburnett.net.

Joanna Fiduccia is an art critic and historian based in New York and Paris, and the author of numerous essays and reviews on contemporary art. Her research interests include the aesthetics and politics of the interwar avant-garde, the convergence of aesthetic experience and radical forms of collectivity, and the poetics of history-writing. She is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History at the University of California, Los Angeles. Both presenters are members of the Editorial Committee of ESTAR(SER): www.estarser.net.