Conference 2017 EXCLUSION

The 2017 biennal PARSE conference on EXCLUSION, that took place in November 2017, tackled questions of inequality, neocoloniality and legitimacy as they are expressed and produced through culture and cultures of artistic education.

November 15–17, 2017
Venue: Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden

Parse - Platform for Artistic Research Sweden

Photo: Natalie Greppi/University of Gothenburg

The 2017 Parse Conference has ended. Thank you to all who participated and made it so great! We hope to see you again, at the next conference, in Gothenburg 2019.f


Find links to some of the recordings of the Open Sessions, list of participants, photographs of the event, and even recipes for the wonderful lunch meals.

Program for the Exlusion Conference 2017

Wednesday 15 November, 12.30–21.30

12.30 Registration, coffee, tea and sandwich.
HDK Entrance
14.30 –17.30 Open session PhD Research Forum.
Valand, Glasshouse
18.00 Open session Saving (G)Race: The (near) impossibility of Blackness in Architecture
Craig Wilkins, architect, artist, lecturer at Taubman College, University of Michigan.
HDK Baula
19.00 Welcome dinner and drinks.
Valand foyer
20.00 Open Session Evening program Krabstadt, Jeuno JE Kim and Ewa Einhorn.
21.30 End of program day one

Thursday 16 November, 10.00–21.00

There will be three strands of research running in parallel throughout the day:

10.00 Introduction to the Thursday strands
10.30 Morning strands begin in parallel
10.30-11.30 Open session giiwekii // they return home to the Land: Indigenous Art as Research in an Age of Ongoing Colonialism
Dylan A.T. Miner, Director of American Indian and Indigenous Studies and Associate Professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University.
Valand Aula
13.00 Lunch, served at three kitchens, Valand
14.00 Afternoon strands begin in parallel
18.00 Open session The Love of Violence. On chickens, Home and Geographies of exclusion
Hagar Kotef, senior Lecturer in Political Theory and Comparative Politics, SOAS, University of London
HDK, Baula
19.00 Reception with refreshments hosted by the city of Gothenburg
Chalmerska huset, Södra Hamngatan 11
21.00 End of program day two

Friday 17 November, 9.30–21.30

There will be three strands of research running in parallel throughout the day:

9.30 Introduction to the Friday strands
10.00 Morning strands begin in parallel
10.00-11.00 Open session Vocabularies of Assembly, Assembling Vocabulary
Shannon Jackson, Cyrus and Michelle Hadidi Chair in the Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley
Valand Aula
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Afternoon strands begin in parallel
14.00 Open session “Crises”, Convulsions, Concurrences. About Human Mobility, the European Geography of “Exclusion” and the Postcolonial Dialectics of Subordinate Inclusion
Nicholas de Genova, scholar of migration, borders, citizenship, race and labour
HDK, Baula
18.00 Open session Exclusion and the Dead
Marina Gržinić, professor at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts, SRC-SASA
Valand Aula
19.00 Konst:it choir
Explore and pilgrim the path from idea to realization in sound
Valand Aula
19.00 Dinner, Valand foyer
20.00 Manifesto launch by Bilal Almobarak and members of Support Group Network
21.30 End of Parse conference 2017