The 2017 Parse Conference has ended, but on this page you will find links to some of the recordings of the Open Sessions, photographs of the event, and even recipes for the wonderful lunch meals.


Wednesday November 15

Thursday November 16

  • Dylan A.T. Miner, giiwekii // they return home to the Land: Indigenous Art as Research in an Age of Ongoing Colonialism
  • Hagar Kotef, The Love of Violence. On chickens, Home and Geographies of exclusion

Friday November 17

  • Shannon Jackson, Vocabularies of Assembly, Assembling Vocabulary
  • Nicholas de Genova, “Crises”, Convulsions, Concurrences. About Human Mobility, the European Geography of “Exclusion” and the Postcolonial Dialectics of Subordinate Inclusion
  • Marina Gržinić, Exclusion and the Dead



Natalie Greppi / University of Gothenburg. You may use these images freely for editorial purposes where PARSE and this specific conference are described. Use for commercial purposes is not permitted.

List of participants

List of participants at PARSE conference November 2017


By popular demand we here publish the recipe for the roasted tomato soup and other favourite dishes from the PARSE Conference kitchen. It´s the rice noodles with herb salad, the swedish yellow pea soup, the red carbage salad with apple and toased seeds, the leek and potato soup, the green curry with sweet potatoes and tofu and roasted tomato soup with red wine and large white beans.