Conversation on Time

with Simon Critchley and Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour and Simon Critchley will discuss shifting concepts of time and their impact on developments in art, philosophy and the social sciences in a conversation moderated by Mick Wilson. In preparation for this event, PARSE put the following questions to them:

  • What is time?
  • Time arguably has always been at the center of the research initiatives of the natural sciences, of philosophy and of the many different practices of history and social criticism. However, time also occupies a central place for the curiosity and attention of artist researchers across all the arts. The intensification of the question of time has, in recent years, prompted some to speak of a “temporal turn” across the disciplines. What is your perspective on this relative interest?
  • What is your understanding of the ways in which cultural practice relates to questions of time?
  • What are chronopolitics for you?
  • Many of the proposals we received for this conference seek to engage with the crisis of “anthropocenic” You have both engaged in different ways with this issue – could you elaborate?
  • We are currently embedded in a temporality that is shaped in large part by the instantaneity of global capital. How do you see the affects of this? How can this be understood historically and philosophically?
  • Is time gendered? What might it mean to think time in relation to the question of gender?
  • Much recent theoretical discourse has focused on the ‘end of time’. What is your view of this?