Peer Review

The peer review process is designed in order:

(a) to establish suitability for publication in terms of content, relevance and quality
(b) to provide critical feedback to enable the author(s) to finalise the article for publication in PARSE.

Each article/contribution submitted to PARSE is read and peer reviewed by at least three readers, pre-publication:

(i) a member of the Editorial Team for the particular volume number (who will becomethe Article Editor responsible for correspondence with the author(s) should the submission be approved)
(ii) a member of the Editorial Board (with a knowledge of the broad research context appropriate to the submission)
(iii) an external reader (based on recommendations made by the Editorial Board)

The peer review process is based on an open review process. The full list of peer reviewers will be identified via the PARSE website annually. In all cases peer reviewers and the authors will be asked to disclose any possible conflict of interest. The Editor-in-Chief may seek further peer review input in cases where there is a major discrepancy between reviewers’ feedback.

After approval for publication has been established through the peer review process, a finalized version of the article/contribution will be provided by the author(s) in correspondence with the Article Editor.

We regret, that it is not possible for the editorial team to enter into dialogue or provide feedback for all submissions. Typically this is reserved for those submissions that have been identified as suitable for potential publication in the particular volume number.

The content of each issue of the journal is subsequently professionally copy-edited and proofread, and if any substantive changes are made the author will be contacted.

Editorial Team refers to the group of typically three or more people responsible for a given issue of PARSE

Editorial Board refers to the full membership of the editorial oversight committee.

Article Editor refers to the individual editor directly dealing with a given contribution and for correspondences with the author during the editorial process.

Editor-in-Chief refers to the member of the Editorial Board who carries responsibility for the implementation of the peer review and editorial process.

Peer Reviewers