Take Care. Maybe one day you’ll escape your past. If you do, look for me.

With components contributed by:

Bonnie Camplin
Kodwo Eshun
Maxa Zoller/ Maha Maamoun

Animated by:

Edgar Schmitz

This proposal is for a presentation in a gallery-style space for Edgar Schmitz to present ready-made image-objects and animations as ‘time pieces’. Each work takes the theme of time and is animated by Schmitz in the following terms:

Constructions as well as anticipations of the future animate cinematic production across a whole range of registers. From narrative constructions within, through to the infrastructures animating production and distribution of mainly feature film, temporality has become a key site of cultural contestation, and is currently replicating and displacing the explorations and inversions that played out in terms of spatial exploration in an earlier moment of trans-global cultural production.
This event will investigate how this shift toward speculative timeframes resonates with modes of practice in the visual arts. At large, the feedback circuits between cinematic and visual arts practices can be stratified along three interconnected and mutually re-enforcing main axes: economic performance through anticipatory commodification (investment logic and futures markets); the development of future audiences through global address increasingly scripted into the narrative texture of filmic plots; and narrative plot possibilities that construct non-linear temporalities in implicit or explicit dialogue with either of these infrastructural matrices.


Edgar Schmitz is an artist who produces escapist backdrops from film, sculpture, animation and writing.
His work has been presented in national and international group exhibitions incl. London Movies, Bozar, Brussels, B (2005), A.C.A.D.E.M.Y, Vanabbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL (2006), Steirischer Herbst, Graz, A (2006), No Soul for Sale, Tate Modern (2010), British Art Show 7, Hayward Touring (2010/11) and has been the focus of solo exhibitions at a.o. ICA, London (with Liam Gillick, 2006), FormContent, London (2010), Cooper Gallery, Dundee (2012) and Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai (2015).
Schmitz has also written extensively on contemporary art, with contributions to Kunstforum international, Texte zur Kunst and artforum as well as contemporary, tema celeste and numerous catalogue essays. His book on Hubs and Fictions (with Sophia Hao) is in preparation with Sternberg Press, Berlin/NY.
Schmitz is a senior lecturer in Art at Goldsmiths, London.