This work emerges from a lesson taught by a violent event—“to listen differently”. Rather than finding its holding state in the ubiquity of trauma, Abas extends her enquiry into the terrain of cultural production. The virtuosity embedded in this distension revels in the production of its violence—shifting its material register to trouble both the perpetrators’ intention(s) as much as the perception/reception of the final form. Abas’s ingenuity carries through in this video essay by way of the use of an iconic textual-creep, the disorienting sound that accompanies its Star Wars-esque manifestation, the candid and violent process of its making and concluding with a visual articulation of the making of the disoriented sound. The multivalence of this work and its articulation for the conference require repeat viewing to appreciate the wealth of production aspects that Abas has condensed into 17 minutes and 51 seconds. Bombshells will forever be cellos, for us.