The Flanet (flat planet) making a rare appearance wearing an invisibility cloak

Henriette Heise

Some years ago, two characters appeared in my work: The Depressed Planet and The Flanet. They emerged, I suppose, as a way of dealing with a state of increasing exhaustion, a sense of an encroaching future without a future. We live in a world in which the climate crisis is real and terrible, and only one of a litany of imminent, self-imposed apocalypses humans seem incapable of acting upon. I noticed a growing sentiment among my students and artist friends that I can profoundly relate toa feeling of hopelessness and exhaustion, and of collective mourning for what has been irredeemably lost on our planet. Since then, the two characters have made increasingly weary appearances, and the materials I choose to render these husked figures through tend to dissolve between an idea of their traditional use and their appearance. Sometimes the materials perform like an invisibility cloakas if The Depressed Planet and The Flanet were dressing up to disappear. 


Henriette Heise

Henriette Heise is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. Heise combines collaborative work with a more introverted studio-based practice. Work in the studio has in the last couple of years been dominated by two characters; The Flanet (the flat planet) and the Depressed Planet – both characters continue to make increasingly exhausted appearances across a wide range of materials. Heise graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in London and has since then co-founded and run several collaborative projects: The Info Centre in London, The Copenhagen Free University, the local TV-station tv-tv and most recently The Studio Whisperer’s Office. After ending 12 years of teaching as a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2021, Heise is now working on a practice-based postdoc with the title: The Lunatic Future for the Depressed Planet and the Flanet: Learning from the late work of artists who figured out how on earth to keep going.