Hülya Arık

Dr. Hülya Arık is a feminist and cultural geographer and a postdoctoral researcher in the Gender Studies Program at the University of Gothenburg as part of the project, Spaces of resistance. A study of gender and sexualities in times of transformation. Her current research explores the cultural politics of religion, secularism and gender in Turkey with a focus on the Islamic and traditional visual arts scene in Istanbul. Hülya completed her PhD in 2015 at the Geography Department at York University in Toronto with a project on the unique intertwinement of discourses on religion, secularism and security through gender within the context of the Turkish military. This work has been published in several academic journals such as Gender, Place & Culture, Security Dialogue, and Social & Cultural Geography. She is an organizer of the Regional Studies Association Network on the Politics of Displacement, Identity and Urban Citizenship in Migratory Contexts (2017-20).