Jack Segbars

Jack Segbars (1963, NL) studied fine art at AKV/St.Joost Den Bosch. He is primarily engaged with the conditions and parameters through which the concept of art is created. To this end, Segbars has investigated the different forms and positions that shape artproduction and that are at play in the formation of the notion of art: autonomous visual art, art in public space (including the neon text, Van Alles Is Weer Waardeloos/ everything is worthless again), the role of language and theory in the art discourse and the role of the curator. The interconnections between the different positions (critic, writer, curator and visual artist) are explored as artistic investigation. In 2009 he produced the publication Rondom-All around the periphery (Onomatopee) that deals with the overlap of positions and domains. This publication was produced in conjucuntion with an exhibition addressing the relationship between the visual image an it’s textual derivatives. In 2012 this was followed by Inertia, a travelogue of visits to Palestine in which the interrelations between art and politics are researched. Next to his praxis as visual artist, Segbars regularly writes reviews and articles on art and art-related subjects a.o. for Metropolis M.