Kjell Caminha

Kjell Caminha is an artist working with specific focus on the development of curatorial strategies as means for furthering decolonial dialogue, which is an orientation informing his pedagogical work, artistic research and practice. He holds a MFA from HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg (SE) where he runs a course on public art and lectures in the bachelor and master fine art programs. Among other projects, Caminha has curated a series of seminars fostering discussions on hospitality practices, diversity and migration knowledge and politics: ‘Practices and Notions of the Migrant Image’ (May 2015); ‘On Afrophobia: Towards Decolonial Curatorial Approaches’ (January 2016); and worked as art educator with focus on building publics and public programming for ‘Wheredoiendandyoubegin – On Secularity’, Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (2017). He has also co-organised the exhibition ‘Setting the Table’ at Baltic 39 (April 2018) as part of coordination of research project ‘Stretched – Expanding Notions of Artistic Practices through Artist-led Cultures’ (2015-2018) led by artist and curator Jason E. Bowman. He is a member of the collectives Afterworks and Public* Display* of Actions* (P*D*A*).