Konst:it, an experimental vocal and objects ensemble founded by Isadora del Carmen in late November of 2016. The project was later incorporated into her thesis on ensemble development, resulting in the film documentary ”That sounds like fun… but do you really think I can do that?”

  • Isadora Del Carmen: conductor, artistic director
  • Maj-Lis Wistrand: bass, silence, objects
  • Birgitta Åkerström: soprano, balette, objects
  • Yvonne Ingelmark: soprano, objects
  • Solveig Svensson: vocals, objects
  • Gittan Andersson: vocals, objects

The ensemble consists of four women aged 69 to 81 who together develop artistic expression in and through sound, without the necessity nor boundaries of traditional musical literacy or training. In may of 2017, Konst:it made their debut at Atalante, during the Sound & Gender festival arranged by Konstmusiksystrar.  Since the start, Konst:it has enjoyed close collaborations with composers and artists from different fields, some of which are represented in the programme at PARSE conference.