1965 Setiap Hari

Since 2015, the transdisciplinary, transnational research-relay collective 1965 Setiap Hari (https://linktr.ee/1965SetiapHari) has been researching and collecting the complex narrative surrounding the Indonesian genocide of 1965-66. This research work has always been integral in the collective’s relay work, amongst others through circulating this complex narrative through social media platforms. The collective started through publishing in blogs and Facebook, before expanding to Twitter/X, Instagram, and a podcast series. At present, the collective comprises of ten individuals living and working together in different parts of the world: Wulan Dirgantoro, Ellen Hutabarat, Mikael Johani, Agnes Mayda, Fitri Mohan, Rangga Purbaya, Ken Setiawan, Farid Stevy, Tintin Wulia, and Zakiah.