Atxu Amann y Alcocer

Atxu Amann y Alcocer, doctor architect and urban planner woman, is professor at Madrid School of Architecture from 1990, where he teaches different subjects concerning design in grade and postgraduate studies. In 2009 he got the Educational Innovation Award by the Polytechnic University in Madrid due to new pedagogies linked to experimental workshops including time, gender and action as key issues that are produced in her innovation group, where different urban actions have been generated and executed in public spaces in Madrid. Currently she is the responsible of the research group “Hypermedia” that develops projects to study and produce mappings of complexity focusing in space-time conflicts existing in urban environments and introducing gender and social considerations. Activities linked to both research and teaching are well known through the participation in congresses and courses in different European Universities. Besides, she works with her partners in “Extreme Temperature Architects”office that they created in 1988, having got numerous awards and recognition for their projects that have been widely published and exposed worldwide. Mother of four children, she conciliates her professional and personal tempos, making this circumstance visible as a gender and politic action about time.