Bálint Veres

Bálint Veres has a PhD in aesthetics and is tenured Associate Professor and Head of DLA / PhD-in-practice Program at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, and holder of a prestigious teaching award (Apáczai Csere János-Award). He is President of the Hungarian Forum for Somaesthetics and member of the International Association for Aesthetics, International Society of Intermedia Studies and the European Network of Somaesthetics. In 2023, his book Somaesthetics and Design Culture, co-edited with Richard Shusterman, was published by Brill. He is the organiser of the international interdisciplinary conferences “Design Culture and Somaesthetics” (2019), “The Promise of Pragmatist Aesthetics” (2022) and “Designing Everyday Experience” (2023). 

Bálint pursued his studies with a parallel interest in humanities and music. In addition to graduating from Eötvös Loránd University, he studied music composition, piano, bassoon and singing. His professional fields of interest include contemporary aesthetics, somaesthetics, design culture theories, music, media, architecture and disability studies. In addition to his activities as a researcher and teacher, he has worked as a critic and artistic counsellor at various institutions and as co-editor and curator at Arcus Temporum Art Festival of Pannonhalma (2005–14) and founder of MOME TransferLab (2012–19), an interdisciplinary workshop for social design and equal opportunities.