Dylan AT Miner

Dylan A.T. Miner is a Wiisaakodewinini (Métis) artist, activist, and scholar based in Gichimookomaanaki // United States. He is Director of American Indian and Indigenous Studies and Associate Professor at Michigan State University. Miner is also adjunct curator of Indigenous art at the MSU Museum and a founding member of the Justseeds artists collective. He is a former Artist Leadership Fellow at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution. Miner holds a Ph.D. from The University of New Mexico and has exhibited and published extensively. His book Creating Aztlán: Chicano Art, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Lowriding Across Turtle Island was published in 2014 by the University of Arizona Press, while his recent artist’s book Waawaakeshiwi // Aanikoobijiganag was published by Issue Press. Miner is currently completing a book on Indigenous aesthetics and writing his first book of poetry; he recently commenced the Bootaagaani-mini ∞ Drummond Island Land Reclamation Project.