Heather Warren-Crow

Heather Warren-Crow is Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at Texas Tech University (USA). Most of her scholarly research focuses on the relationship between media aesthetics, corporeality, and subjectivity. Recent publications include “Before and After Ghostcatching: Animation, Primitivism, and the Choreography of Vitality” (Screen Bodies, 2017), “Screaming Like a Girl: Viral Video and the Work of Reaction” (Feminist Media Studies, 2016), “Leash” (Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory, 2015), and the monograph Girlhood and the Plastic Image (Dartmouth College Press, 2014). Warren-Crow is also a performance artist whose work highlights the function and affective dimensions of the voice. Her sound-oriented performances have been exhibited at festivals and galleries around the world, including World Stage Design in Taipei (Taiwan), the Museum of Performance + Design (USA), and PNEM sound art festival (the Netherlands). She has a PhD in performance studies from the University of California, Berkeley (USA).