Kevin Tavin

Kevin Tavin is Professor of International Art Education, and Head of the Department of Art at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Tavin holds a BFA, MEd and PhD in art education. His research focuses on art education, visual culture, critical pedagogy, and psychoanalytic theory. His work has been published in international art and education journals and books, and presented as keynote and research papers. Recent books include, Stand(ing) up, for a Change: Voices of arts educators (NAEA, 2012), Angels, ghosts, and cannibals: Essays on art education and visual culture (Aalto ARTS, 2016) and Experimenting FADS: Finnish art-education doctoral studies (Aalto ARTS, 2016), Art, Education, and Excess (Palgrave Mcmillian, 2019), and Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education: The Future is All-Over (2021).