Maddie Leach

Maddie Leach is an artist from New Zealand currently based in Gothenburg.  Her practice is largely project-based and responds to specific place-determined content. Leach has consistently varied how she resolves her work—having fabricated objects herself or having them fabricated for her, using text and print media, working with video, performative actions and processes of exchange. She establishes idiosyncratic compositions of seemingly disparate elements that often impart a transient, almost fugitive, status to the art work. Leach is interested in simple propositions that encounter difficulty and resistance, operating between what is expected and what happens.

Her work has been included in the Jakarta Biennale 2015; spaced 2: future recall, Western Australia (2014-2015); If you were to live here…, the 5th Auckland Triennial (2013); Close Encounters, Chicago (2010); and One Day Sculpture, New Zealand (2008). In 2014 she was nominated for New Zealand’s major contemporary art prize for her project If you find the good oil let us know, New Plymouth (2012-2014). Leach is currently Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.