Mara Lee Gerden

Mara Lee Gerden is a writer, novelist, and poet, currently a PhD student at Gothenburg University, Sweden, Valand Academy, Dept. of Literary Composition, Poetry and Prose. Her novel Ladies (Die Makellosen, Karl Blessing Verlag 2011) has been translated into several languages, and her latest novel Salome received the P.O Enquist Literary Prize in 2012. She is the official Swedish translator of the Canadian poet Anne Carson, and she additionally writes essays about literature and art for Swedish and Norwegian literary and critical journals as Glänta, Vagant and Ord&Bild. Her latest publications include an essay-book about the artist Eva Hesse, published by the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, and a scholarly article, “Strange times: A (queer)temporal approach to resistance and the stranger” in Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap (Journal for Gender Studies). Both her artistic practice and her academic research revolve around questions of otherness, identity, and desire.