Maria Bania

Maria Bania is professor in Musical performance and interpretation at the Academy of Music and Drama. She is currently leading the project “Rhetorical and Romantic affective strategies in musical performance”, which explores the aesthetic and affective ideas and mindsets in the performance discourses of both the eighteenth-century sensibility culture and the early Romantic aesthetics. She has had an international career as a flutist, specialized on eighteenth-and early nineteenth-century instruments and music. Recordings include solo concertos with Concerto Copenhagen, and solo sonatas by Roman, Scheibe and Raehs. In 2008 she achieved her PhD in Musical performance and interpretation. Publications include ”Affective practices in mid-18th-century German music-making: reflections on C.P.E. Bach’s advice to performers” (Early Music, 2020), ”Om termen affektlära och det svenska ordet affekt i diskussioner om 1600- och det tidiga 1700-talets musik” (STM, 2021), and “The Improvisation of Preludes on Melody Instruments in the 18th century” (The Consort, 2014).