Issue 17
- Autumn 2023


Installation image of chaos clay, Octavial Scape (2020), lyrics from Light Asylum, The End of Day. Photo by James Bantone. Courtesy of the artist.

Editors - Marie-Louise RichardsCathryn Klasto

This issue on citations and its politics seeks to reimagine spaces for knowledge production. McKittrick’s citational and spatial thinking has been one of the cornerstones for this issue. Centring on the reimagining of spatial practice has become an experiment to not only think of citations as means of making space, but also as an environment for showing the processes of sharing ideas. The peer-review process has been central to this experiment; in asking contributors to develop a relation with and understanding of each other’s work, we sought to reclaim the word “peer”, which we feel has been largely lost within institutional frameworks. This aspect has been very valuable and together with the contributors we have gained a deeper understanding on how to build on the knowledge we built together in this initial experiment. In addition to the peer review process, we hosted a series of workshops, which have been just as crucial in rethinking how to share knowledge, with the intention of engaging directly with some of our contributors’ citational practices.

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