Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley, edited detail from A Thing of Teeth, 2021, lightbox drawings, size variable.

Editor - Sandra Noeth

In an attempt to rethink the often-neglected analytical dimensions of corporeality and embodiment, this PARSE Journal approaches the body in multiple ways: as an object and target of direct, inter-personal attack; as source and site of violence; and as a powerful field of projection and desire on which aggression and intrusion are negotiated in symbolic and imaginary realms. This issue is invested in the physical and performative dimension of violence and accounts for the body as a sociopolitical construct and mediation, while insisting on a strongly context-sensitive engagement. Speaking of violence evokes several dimensions: it conceptualises intentional and motivated actions on a body’s corporeal integrity and power dynamics acted out on bodies on a structural, systemic level. Rather than framing embodiment as an event or as something extraordinary, this issue gives attention to how violence translates into long-term and mundane patterns and conditions—when experiences of violence for example lead to continuous exhaustion and sleeplessness.

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