Krabstadt Education Center. Conflated Places


Ewa Einhorn

Jeuno JE Kim

Karolin Meunier

Krabstadt is a fictitious town in the Arctic where all the Nordic countries send their unwanted people and problems. It is an animated transmedia project developed by Ewa Einhorn and Jeuno JE Kim, shaped through many collaborations and contexts. As a location where visions are tested, Krabstadt attracts individuals from different demographics, such as feminists, artists, retired teachers, emotionally stuck creatures, the long-term unemployed, and architects.

Krabstadt has now animated its Education Center (KEC) which traverses between being a drawn element in an animated fictional universe and an actual context hosting educational time. KEC seeks to exchange ideas on teaching methods and attitudes, learning outcomes and activities that are informed by performance, translation, digital and non-digital games.

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Krabstadt Education Center: Conflated Places

Fri 17 Jun 2022

Eva WeinmayrEwa EinhornHenriette SennenvaldtJeuno JE KimKarolin MeunierKevin TavinLars-Ove Hedqvist


Krabstadt Education Center. Conflated Places, Learning Pretzel

Sun 21 Nov 2021–Fri 21 Jan 2022

Ewa EinhornJeuno JE KimKarolin Meunier