How do we come to sense (know) memories of violence enfolded in landscapes of erasure? Paulo Luís Almeida, Mário Bismarck and Sílvia Simões’ immersive mediation sits at the convergence of their praxes of drawing with sites of erasure, volcanic eruption and industrial collapse. Here, drawing is both creative and violent. What we see-feel translates into line and engages with the violence that once was.

Marks on paper. Remember. Trauma.

Scratch. Rub. Erase. Look again. Look beyond.

Bloodlines traverse charcoal landscapes, spectres of violence haunt the drawings of portraits, and a graphite-covered paper paraglider breathes life into a haunted, vaulted emptiness. In the violence of space, drawing becomes remembering. Drawing seeks the languages that dare to engage the wounding, and look beyond seeing/see beyond looking.