Mon 20 Aug 2018

Between Reality and Fiction


Kristina Hagström-StåhlChristiane JatahyPatricia Lorenzoni

Welcome to the PARSE Dialogue on Reality and Fiction.

Between reality and fiction: Christiane Jatahy in dialogue with Patricia Lorenzoni and Kristina Hagström-Ståhl

Christiane Jatahy is an award-winning director known for her groundbreaking investigations into the limits of theatrical performance, combining film and onstage work with social and political inquiry. In this dialogue she is joined by Patricia Lorenzoni (writer, translator, and researcher at Uppsala University), and Kristina Hagström-Ståhl (director and professor in performance research at the University of Gothenburg), to discuss the origin and processes of her artistic productions, as well as their relation to the social and political context in contemporary Brazil.

A collaboration between PARSE and the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.

Christiane Jatahy’s Julia is performing at GDTF August 19 & 20, 19.00. For more information and tickets click here

This event is free and open to the public. All welcome!
This Dialogue is part of the Intersectional Engagements in Politics and Art research arc within PARSE.

This dialogue will be in English.

photo: Marcelo Lipiani


Kristina Hagström-Ståhl

Kristina Hagström-Ståhl is a researcher, director, and translator, who works at the intersection of critical theory and artistic practice with interests in feminist and decolonial theory, performance and philosophy, questions of visuality, dramaturgy, and translation, and interdisciplinary collaboration in the arts. Kristina publishes internationally, and has a PhD in Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Recent work in directing includes August Strindberg’s/Margareta Hallin’s Den Starkare (Strindbergs Intima Teater, 2020), Sophocles’ Antigone (Gothenburg City Theatre, 2019), and Kristian Hallberg’s Här skulle vi leva, tillsammans (Folkteatern Göteborg, 2017). Kristina is the 2020 Hildeman Fulbright Fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle. Between 2015 and 2020 she was PARSE Professor of Performative Arts at the University of Gothenburg.


Christiane Jatahy

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Christiane Jatahy is an award-winning author, theater director and filmmaker. She has degrees in theater and journalism, and she holds a postgraduate in Art and Philosophy. Her works are in dialogue with different artistic areas, and she has created several plays that question the boundaries of reality and fiction, actor and character, theater and cinema. Among her productions are Julia (2011), What if they went to Moscow? (2014), The Walking Forest (2016), and Ithaca (2018).


Patricia Lorenzoni

Patricia Lorenzoni holds a Ph.D. in History of Ideas from the University of Gothenburg, and is currently a research fellow at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism, Uppsala University. She is also active as an essayist, translator and occasionally a filmmaker. Her recent publications include Dagbok från Brasilien: Fascismen inifrån och utifrån (Journal from Brazil: Fascism from within and without, Glänta Produktion 2020) and the sequence of poems Hotel Nacional (Ars Interpres Publications 2020). Her work can be followed on http://www.patricia-lorenzoni.com/.


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