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Open Call

Intersectional Engagements in Politics and Art

The Intersectional Engagements in Politics and Art research trajectory within PARSE undertakes a critical exploration of the nexus of gender, race, sexuality, and coloniality in contemporary artmaking, scholarship, and artistic research. Focusing on socially engaged practices related to memory, history, embodiment, and alterity, we seek to involve and publish scholars and artists from a wide range of fields, disciplines, and contexts.

In the decades that have passed since Kimberlé Crenshaw introduced the critical concept of intersectionality into legal scholarship, the term has been taken up within broad, interdisciplinary movements in academia and the arts as well as public life, to address discriminating and enabling practices within complex operations of power and social delineation. The Intersectional Engagements research arc seeks to highlight the operative, performative, and ethical potentials of intersectional approaches to creative and researcherly practice. As such the research arc offers an invitation to resituate and reconfigure critical practices in the arts. We understand race, gender, and sexuality to become articulated interdependently and through their co-constitutive relations across interdisciplinary artistic (and) research practices, and situate this inquiry in the multiple colonial legacies shaping and permeating arts and politics on a global scale.

At present we are accepting proposals for publication in PARSE Journal, which address practices situated within intersectional thinking. Proposals are welcome from all artistic and scholarly fields, and should take the form of an abstract of at most 300 words. Links to online creative work and documentation may be included in the abstract.

PARSE publishes original research, and encourages experimental forms of research publication including artistic research. Contributions will be published online. All contributions will pass through an open peer review process.

Please submit your proposal together with a short bio (150 words) to no later than Monday May 6th, 2019.

Please address any inquiries to

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